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     Pyxis Water Systems, Inc. is a full service water systems company.  The Pyxis team has years of experience providing custom solutions to water problems.  It is our mission to provide environmentally friendly water treatment systems and services tailored to requirements of each water concern; this includes waste water, drinking water, and water features.  We will design a system to fit your specific needs. 

       Pyxis is a leader in providing innovative, engineered, turn-key water treatment systems that successfully solve specific water quality problems.  The goal is to provide the finest water purification systems on the market today.

         Dedicated to the concept of environmentally friendly water quality solutions, Pyxis Water Systems specializes in advanced filtration systems, ozone and aeration as primary methods of water treatment.  Where ever possible natural treatment methods are used with conservation and economy the goals.  Natural systems are often the most economical and most efficient, saving customers money in the process of protecting the environment.

       Pyxis is the first company on the West Coast to offer advanced filtration systems that provides results equivalent to what previously could only be expected from membranes including removal of Giardia and Cryptosporidium.  This system is based on technologies that use low pressure providing for energy savings that are substantial.  These filter systems have received EPA approval for their ability to remove phosphorous from waste water discharge.  When combined with ozone, this filter system will also meet the most stringent requirements for drinking water where total removal of virus and bacteria is required.

       Pyxis also offers the revolutionary MicroMedia screen and filtration systems that are now providing advanced methods of treating waste water.  Systems that will allow direct conversion of waste water to Title 22 approved reclaimed water suitable for irrigation.  No costly biological digesters or trickle filters.  Reduced plant size and reduced energy use.  This system has received California State approval for use in creating reclaimed water.

      Pyxis also offers solutions to industries confronted with discharge limitations and increasing discharge fees.  Ozone and filtration can effectively solve problems and in some cases offer complete recycling with zero discharge.  Metal finishers in particular can benefit from technologies offered by advanced oxidation and advanced filtration.  These systems together can remove copper, iron, cyanide, arsenic and other regulated substances as well as suspended solids down to very low or non detect levels.

      Ozone is a naturally occurring form of oxygen created when three molecules of regular oxygen (O2) break apart to form two ozone molecules (O3).  This activated oxygen is the second most powerful disinfectant available, 1.5 times more potent than chlorine (and 3000 times faster acting). Unlike chlorine, ozone leaves no harmful by products, reverting back to simple oxygen in thirty minutes or less.